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Message to the visitors of website

Dear Friends,

Grev Kafi

The amazing symbolist painter Grev Kafi lives in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. All his life he devoted to the art of painting!

Grev Kafi is the pseudonym of two artists working in collaboration. They are husband and wife, Gregory Kabachny and Evdokia Fideliskaya.

Over many years of life, they created hundreds of paintings, in which they have embedded their souls and they have managed to convey in their paintings the beauty, love and grandeur of the Universe!

Grev Kafi family has lived 15 years in the Tien-Shan mountains, at an altitude of about 5 thousand meters above sea level and even higher! In absolutely wild places, where there are no people, where only eagles fly over, Edelweiss grows being surrounded by snow leopards...

It was there, according to them, where they came to realize the absolute greatness of the World, the fantastic beauty of the Universe, which is the endlessly twinkling of shining stars in the night which are so bright and so close, that they can be reached out by hand!

One day, at the same time, they have had experienced the clinical death and after that their creativity changed and special, sublime colors have appeared on the paintings! By looking at their work, one is subtilizing his sense of beauty! One gets saturated with the energy of creation and love! It opens the hidden places of the soul where the answers to the main questions lay!

They have never sold their works but only donated! What is the source of their subsistence?

By surviving on odd and aleatory jobs and having a small pension, the artists managed to create a huge collection of their paintings! Grev Kafi’s works have been exhibited at many international exhibitions and museums!

But today, being no longer young, but full of creative energy and efforts the artist Grev Kafi wants his paintings to be donated, free of charge, to all people!

And they decided to define a permanent residence for their collection in that place on Earth, where they spent the most of their creative life, in the city of Chisinau!

Unfortunately, Grev Kafi’s paintings are not yet able to fully bring joy to the people. Today, there is no place in Chisinau to exhibit the works on a permanent basis.

Moreover, the works languish in an unsuitable for paintings storage room.

And that is why the initiative group of art lovers decided, as they say, "to gather a little from here and a little from there" and create the cultural and educational Museum, where they could see this beauty every day and enjoy it! The younger generation, and anyone who wishes would be able to hear the wise and instructive words about the world of art and beauty!

While children, especially from poor families, would have the opportunity to develop their painting skills in the studios that are scheduled to open at the Museum. Many things have been done, and more to come! For the construction of the future Museum, we have the land, the architectural project, all necessary documents, the estimates. The construction in the historic center of the city at the address: Chisinau, Columna 144, Republic of Moldova has started and is at the level of building’s basement.

But, unfortunately this is all the funds raised by artists, the action team and the friends-altruists.


Dear ladies and gentlemen! Fellow citizens! Colleagues and associates! Friends!

We encourage you and ask you to take and active stand in the construction of the cultural and educational Museum Grev Kafi! This is our home for Arts! The Museum, which will not be "privatized" nor sold or taken away! This will be our Temple of Beauty and a place of enjoyment, where guests will come with their families and where the friends from all over the world will be invited! The future cultural Museum will definitely be a precious art attraction of Moldova and of the World!

We would be grateful for any help! Every Moldovan Leu or US Dollar or Euro etc, every brick, every nail is welcome!

Let's make together our awesome Earth even more beautiful and better-looking!

In the name of Beauty, Good and Peace!

Here you can find more information about future Museum, bank accounts, scanned copies of the architectural project and of the state approvals.

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